Scotland’s digital
imaging specialists.

Deadly Digital have been operating from our base in Glasgow’s West End since 2006. We offer a full Digital Imaging Service which includes Fine Art Giclee Printing, Photographic Printing, Artwork Copying, Digital Retouching and Drum Scanning.


Giclee Fine Art Printing

We offer a full Giclee Fine Art Printing service enabling artists an opportunity to offer exceptional quality reproduction prints as limited or open editions to their clients. All of our papers are carefully chosen Acid and Lignin Free and our inks are Epson Ultrachrome K3, which are regarded throughout the world as the benchmark in colour and black and white reproduction, we also offer a full artwork copying service using professional scanners and cameras.

Photographic Printing

Digital Photographic Printing is a speciality. We output onto various microporous and acid free papers using Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks on our Epson 9800 printers. Combined with our vast experience in some of the country’s leading colour repro facilities leads to outstanding results.

Additional Services
We can also offer a full mount cutting and framing service on request.

Contact us for more details.

Artwork Copying

We offer a professional artwork reproduction service.

Originals can be digitised using our flatbed graphics scanner, or photographed using our high resolution digital camera and in house photography studio.

The process used will depend on the size of the original and types of media used.

As part of our reproduction service, proof prints are supplied for client approval, prior to the printing process.

Proof prints can be viewed next to the original artworks, in our industry standard ISO3664:2009 compliant daylight viewing facility.

Digital Retouching

We work closely with advertising agencies, designers and photographers providing high quality retouching for all types of marketing campaigns.

We are happy to price retouching briefs on receipt of images.

Drum Scanning

Our Linotype Hell Chromagraph S3900 Drum Scanner uses PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) technology. Photo Multiplier Tubes are highly sensitive to light and offer a much higher dynamic range than CCD scanners (Charged Couple Device) enabling more shadow detail in reproduction of reflective copy and transparencies. The maximum size of original can be up to 550 x 650mm. The scaling range is 20 to 3000% and the maximum resolution is 25397dpi.

Prices start @ £10 per scan, contact us for more info.